5 Rare & Variegated Syngonium to add to your collection

What are Syngoniums?

Syngonium are a genus of aroid plants native to tropical rainforests in Central and South America. Most species of Syngonium are climbers, using their aerial roots to attach themselves to trees or other support structures.

While there are many common varieties of Syngonium, some are quite rare. Here are 5 rare and interesting Syngonium varieties to add to your collection!

1) Syngonium Redspot tricolor

This variety is known for its distinctive red spotting on the leaves. The rest of the leaf is usually a dark green, with some light green or white variegation.

2) Syngonium pixie

As the name suggests, this variety is quite small, maxing out at around 6 inches tall. It has dark green leaves with white or light green variegation.

3) Syngonium Neon Robusta

The upper side of the leaves has an iridescent pink hue, while the under side is pure green.

4) Syngonium “Pink Splash”

Pink splash, as in a splash of pink! Leaves are bright and vibrant, will spice up any plant collection

5) Syngonium “Milk Confetti”

This variety is known for its creamy white and green leaves.

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